Corporate Healthcare Trusts

Corporate Healthcare Trusts can provide your company with a cost-effective alternative to a traditional Private Medical Insurance contract. As a trust is designed individual to your company it can give you flexibility as you can provide your staff with as much or as little cover as you would like. Also, any surplus funds at year end remain yours and can go towards the claims fund for the next year.

Choosing the right administrator to manage claims for Corporate Healthcare Trusts is important. This allows claims costs to be managed effectively whilst also providing the right cover for the members in accordance with the direction from the Trustees.

A Corporate Healthcare Trust is not an insurance contract so does not attract the prevailing rate of Insurance Premium Tax (although please obtain tax advice from a professional). The administration charges are often less what an insurer typically charges too.

  • Ultimate scheme flexibility. Provide fewer or more benefits in whatever area you wish.
  • Manage On-going claims costs more effectively, making the scheme more sustainable in the long-term
  • Any surplus funds remain yours and are left in the trust and do not go towards an insurers profit
  • Not an insurance contract, so does not attract Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)
  • Minimum number of members and claims spend applies

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