What Is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is an insurance product that provides access to treatment in a private hospital so you can get ahead of NHS waiting lists.

It is designed primarily to cover medical conditions that are in an acute phase.

Health Insurance policies are often able to offer you the choice to how much cover you buy in a specific area, for example, it is possible to buy a policy that will provide no time limits on cancer treatment whereas others will limit this to 12 months or less.

Normally, pre-existing conditions are excluded when you take out cover, but some insurers offer a degree of flexibility and Medical History Disregarded Underwriting. More often you will be ‘underwritten’ when your policy starts on either a moratorium or fully underwritten basis.

Seeing a Private GP is also now possible with Virtual GP services where you can see a GP through your smartphone or tablet, they usually have the ability to prescribe and have medication delivered to your home or local pharmacy. Virtual GP services are included with all the major insurers at no extra cost and is an extremely valuable benefit.

  • Faster and more convenient treatment location means less staff absence
  • Comfortable “hotel standard” accommodation
  • Quality time with consultant
  • High hygiene standards
  • Virtual GP available through a tablet or smartphone is now available from most insurers at no cost.

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